We are all ONE!

Corllete is a leading web-development company based in Stara Zagora in Bulgaria. Corllete is a company specialising in custom web development projects for our clients. In the last decade, Corllete’s technical experts have been behind the development of a leading open-source content management system e107, an engine which supports thousands of websites throughout the web. Additionally, Corllete has developed unique platforms for deployment in the real estate market and number of domestic and international e-commerce projects based on the popular open-source platform Magento - including the first Magento based live business site in the world.

Having amassed a strong portfolio delivering consistent high-quality websites and web development projects mainly for its domestic Bulgarian market but also international clients such as the European Network of National Civil Society Associations.

Corllete has also devoted to the civic hacking and developed a prototype of the first fully-featured eDemocracy suite platform aimed at citizen and public authorities’ needs. We have put our expertise in developing intuitive interfaces, simple, yet powerful tools. We hope, through our platform to boost local authorities’ ability to offer transparent and responsive front-line public services to their citizens using tools that they enjoy encouraging them to become real actors and partners in civic life.

We believe that the future belongs to the new technologies and our enthusiasm and experience could help to achieve a better world – for our clients, for us and for our children.
Because we are all ONE and it should be!

The Team

Miroslav Yovchev

The Night Watch
“If it's not perfect,
start again!„

Veselin Totev

The Digger
is just an option.„

Zhivka Alexandrova

The Morgenmuffel
“If they give you ruled paper,
write the other way.„